Why your business should carry out a Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

Regular readers will know that I can rarely write a new monthly post without some terrorist incident grabbing our attention.  Barcelona, a beautiful city visited by many people during their lifetime and a place I have been to three times with good memories. Whilst the world is witness to many regular natural disasters that can bring a tear to one’s eye, several of which have occurred in these past few weeks alone, there can surely be little that compares to the act of someone waking up one day to carry out a wretched plan to murder innocent people who are simply going about their business.  Read more

Why schools should be thinking about terrorism

As a father of two children and a former police officer, I am both fully aware and somewhat nervous of the capabilities and desires of the terrorists that are not only in existence today, but whom are also being recruited on a daily basis.

Over the past few years, mostly in the Middle East and Africa, there have been a number of terrorist attacks on schools.  The reason why terrorists do this can be put into simple terms: “Because they can”.  Schools and crowded public places are easy targets and the terrorist does not discriminate – they just want to be able to carry out their ‘work’ as efficiently and effectively as possible. Read more

Will we ever be rid of terrorism?

On the fourth anniversary of Lee Rigby’s murder in Woolwich, the UK yet again suffered at the hands of terrorism – this time at the Manchester Arena (22 May, with 22 total deaths). Before the Manchester Arena had a chance to re-open, terrorists struck again, this time in the capital, with the London Bridge attack and a further loss of eight lives.  Read more

Is your organisation neglecting security?

Whilst taking a recent train journey, I was sat opposite and ended up speaking to a business owner who happened to mention that he has a lot of business issues keeping him awake at night now that Brexit is happening. He wasn’t sure if Brexit will cause him a great deal of grief but he said he has a lot more to think about now. Running his business at seven sites across the UK, but with primary offices in London and Birmingham, I asked him what his views were on the security issues and the threats from terrorism, given that those topics are found in the news headlines almost as much as there is talk about Brexit. He told me that he has a Health and Safety Manager for the company who doubles up as a Security Manager when the need arises and that “he takes care of all that for me”. Read more

How crucial is organisational resilience in today’s environment?


Organisational resilience is a measure of how well a business is prepared to overcome potentially serious setbacks such as unexpected critical failures, natural disasters, acts of sabotage, terrorism, or reputational damage.   Read more

We live in a world of terror, and you can never be totally secure

Last month, I wrote about where I was and what I was doing on 23rd March 2016, the day after the Brussels airport bombing.  Today, exactly one year later, it follows a day after another terrorist attack; this time, one that is very close to home, in London.  Read more

Luck rarely plays a role in success

On the 23rd March 2016, I was sat in my seat on one of the London underground trains during the rush-hour and noticed how eerily quiet the train was; almost empty. I have to admit that I suspected that would be the case. You see, the day before, terrorists had set off bombs at Brussels airport, causing several deaths and injuries, all of which was reported at length on all the main news and media channels. Read more

When a vehicle becomes a weapon


On 14th July 2016 Europe witnessed a different form of terrorist attack than those we have become accustomed to in recent years.  A 19-tonne cargo truck was used as a weapon in Nice (France), with devastating consequences, having been driven into a group of people out celebrating Bastille Day.  There were 87 fatalities, including the terrorist driver; with a further 434 people injured. Read more

Why counter-terror training should be a consideration for every business strategy in 2017


The current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is classified as “severe”. In the wake of a spate of terrorist attacks across Europe in 2016 and a significant number of thwarted plots and arrests made by UK police this year, the risks to businesses are higher than ever before. Read more

Terrorism. It isn’t all guns and bombs.


So- called “lone-wolf” attacks are becoming more prevalent throughout the world, whether they are inspired by religious or political ideologies, and undertaken by those deemed to be fanatics or “mentally ill”. Many are inspired by direct communication with terrorist groups and others via social media and the internet. What they all have in common is the need to do harm or kill others, particularly the ‘soft target’ civilian population congregated in large numbers, where the opportunity to obtain more kills is enhanced. Read more